Foods to Avoid When Using Dentures

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Foods to Avoid When Using Dentures

Dentures are mostly associated with plain, simple, and elderly. Even just hearing the word dentures can evoke the memory of grandparents taking out their dentures and you discover that they don’t have real teeth. But the reality is that a significant portion of the population will eventually need some replacement teeth during their lifetime. At Dental Pods, a dental clinic in Peterborough, we help you find the best dentures that suit your lifestyle and makes your life easy. That’s right after years of tooth pain, extensive cavities, gum disease, and just overall wear and tear, you might see yourself getting artificial teeth.

This non-permanent alternative is often used to replace multiple teeth in the same row all in one go. Life is never quite the same after you get prosthetic sets of teeth, one of the most significant adjustment you will have to make is changing the food you eat. If you are due to get some new set of teeth shortly and curious about the food you should not eat, we have got you covered. Given below is the list of food provided by dentists in Peterborough which one should avoid if you have dentures.

1. Popcorn: this salty delight that is an excellent snack for moviegoers can be pretty painful to eat if you have fake teeth. We have all had the encounter of not being able to get those sticky little kernels out when they get stuck between our teeth. Well, the same situation can happen with your denture, even worse they can get stuck below your new set of teeth. As you can imagine having a kernel stuck between your gums and false teeth can cause extreme pain.

2. Steak: sometimes you can’t help and get a craving for a nice, juicy steak and there is nothing that will hit the spot quite like it. The thing that makes steak uneatable is its chewiness. The time of chewing that is required can cause sore gums, destabilize the teeth in your dentures and in extreme cases may even dislocate the teeth altogether. If you can’t can without eating steak, cut your steak into small pieces so as not to put much pressure on your dentures and gums.

3. Nuts: this fat and protein-rich food have gained an excellent reputation over the years for the health benefits it provides. Salty nuts typically come in a hardened form which can put them under the no-no list for people having an artificial set of teeth. People wearing dentures have to chew their food evenly on both sides to prevent their teeth from poping from one side. It is nearly impossible in the case of nuts which are mainly chewed on the back of the side of the mouth.

4. Sticky candy: brittles, toffees and other sour candies are the dentist’s worst nightmare. These tasty treats are excellent for your taste buds but are terrible for your teeth. If you have ever had trouble getting these sticky candies out of your natural teeth, then you should be warned that it is even more challenging to take these candies out of dentures.

5. Coffee: there is nothing quite like having a good cup of coffee when you are starting your day. But unfortunately, coffee is the wrong choice if you want your teeth white. Over time this dark drink can also stain your natural teeth.

To sum up, the food that people having dentures have to avoid falls into these four categories:

● Hard food
● Sticky food
● Foods with small pieces
● Tough meat

One should avoid eating these kinds of food to increase the life of their dentures. You can contact Dental Pods dental office Peterborough for more details.

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