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At Dental Pods we are experienced in fitting and helping you to maintain dental implant. Dental implants have become the popular treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth.  They can be used to replace:

  • a single or several missing teeth
  • a full set of teeth
  • teeth missing because of failing teeth or severe periodontal disease

Once fitted, dental implants will restore and provide you with a confident smile. Placing a dental implant into your jaw provides a support for your long-lasting replacement teeth.

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What to expect from treatment

When fitted dental implants look and perform like natural teeth and unlike dentures don’t move and can last a lifetime. They are fitted into the jaw, just like teeth. There is no artificial plastic on the roof of the mouth. Furthermore, there is no need to use adhesives or denture creams.

The use of dental implants does not impact on healthy adjacent teeth and also solves the problem of bone loss that comes with missing teeth. They really are the closest thing possible to natural teeth.

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